John the Franklin - Acoustical Music

               5th- 7-10 pm Private Party (Choctaw)
              6th-  6-7 pm Mustang Senior Supporters solo
               7th-  11am-1 pm Nosh (Moore) solo
             12th-  9 pm-Midnight Othello's (Norman)
             26th-  9 pm-1am Bill's Steak House OKC
             27th-  8-11 pm Ski Island
           1st-   7-9 pm Black Mesa (Norman)
              2nd-  6-9:30 pm Royal Bavaria (Moore)
               6th- 11:30-1 pm Art Moves OKC
               8th-  6-9 pm Hafer Park (Edmond)
             10th-  1:30-2:30 pm Rush Springs Watermelon
             16th-  7-10 pm El Toro Chino (Norman)
             23rd-  7-9 pm Nosh (Moore) solo
         13th-  7-10 pm El Toro Chino (Norman)
            20th-  9 pm-Midnight Othello's (Norman)
            21st-  7:30-10 pm The Patriarch (Edmond)
            28th-  Plaza District (TBA)
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